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The battle for the Earth-Link has begun.

Earth-Link is a sci-fi series currently in development by amateur moviemakers Thedarkarcon47 and Toa_Kaita.

The Story

Earth-Link takes place in the year 4200 AD, 25 years after the creation of the Earth Empire. It revolves around Christopher Rayn "Zero" Kestral, a starship captain that works for the Empire, and he and his crew's adventures beyond known space. It also revolves around Zero's perspective of the Earth-Skregg War, which was triggered following the discovery of the Earth-Link.

Season 1

Season one, entitled Earth-Link: Zero, will consist of 20 episodes and will revolve around the Earth-Skregg War.

The 5th Millenium

It has been confirmed that there is a video game in progress that will share the story of Earth-Link entitled "The 5th Millenium." Earth-Link itself, however, takes place in the 43rd century. Details on the story are still unconfirmed.


Earth-Link was inspired by Star Trek and sci-fi shoot-em-up Colony Wars.

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