Earth 2140 was the first game in the Earth series, and was in fact, the first fully real time Strategy game to feature an adaptive enemy thinking Simulation, multiple races with different technology, and an advanced 2d Isometric engine.


it is the year 2140, years of nuclear war have ravenged the earth's surface, Austraia, South america, Africa and the area around Japan are gone. now all humans live underground, the machines walk the surface, controlled by remote. out of all this, two civilizations formed: the Eurasian Dynasty (ED) in Russia and the United Civilized States (UCS) in north america.

moon subplot

back in the late 2090s, the colonies on the moon were thiving, but since we have lost all contact... (this was foreshadowing of Earth2150, where the LC were a playable faction)

mission pack

Top Ware, while working on the sequel Earth 2150, released the 2 disc Mission Pack, which featured new technology, content, graphics, and levels. this was only released in Germany, and is thus, in German, but if you know German, or don't care, you can get it on the website.

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