the long awaited sequel to 2140.


it is the year 2150, the wars are finally over. or so e thought... scientists have come with alarming news...

7 years ago, during the wars of the 2140s, the ED launched a massive nulclear stike on Alaska, leveling it. little did anyone know, the masssive explosion knocked the earth's orbit off course, at first, nothing changed. but after a while, the effect started to greater. now the earth is spiraling into the sun, and by 2155, the earth will be incinerated. Humanity has one last chance for survival: Mars. but, there is not much raw ore left, and so the mining wars start again...

3 factions

as in 2140, there are a few sides.

the ED

the Eurasian dynasty. they are comunist like. if you fail, you die. (see Eurasian Dynasty for more info)

the UCS

the Americans are a semi Democratic Fascism. they see war machines as "cool". and generally have little respect for people who aren't thier own. (see United Civilized States for more)

the LC

the lunar corporation was lost for 40 years, hiding from war... while hiding, they made massive scientific progress, and have the best tech in the game. (see Lunar Corporation for more info)

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