The Earth Alliance is the name of the planetary state created through the unification of Earth in 2072.


By the 23rd Century, the Earth Alliance had controlled much of the Sol system. But, in the 2090's the humans had begun to spread to other nearby star systems.

Planetary bodies that had major Human settlements or military installations on them in the 23rd century included:

In the Sol system:

In other solar systems:

In the 23rd century, the most significant Human presence in space beyond the Sol system itself was in the form of "Boomers", independent Human traders that formed a merchant marine using crude, generationally-owned starships that took years to travel between destinations. While nominally under the control of the Earth Cargo Authority, by their very nature, the Boomers were frontiersmen without any real oversight from Earth and generally handled their own affairs. In a sense, these small (approximately two dozen crewmen on the common Y-class freighter) and mobile ship-borne communities could be seen as "colonies" of a sort.


Government officials in the Earth Alliance include Presidents and Prime Ministers.

Even after the Earth Alliance was formed, many nation-states and confederations retained their individual identities. This included the Africa Confederation, Canada, the European Union and the United States of America. The Earth Alliance has three capitols, each serving a specific purpose. Washington in America serves as the seat of government for the entire Earth Alliance. London in the UK serves as the council seats for the alliance. Moscow in Russia serves an unknown purpose.

Earth Alliance had many agencies. This included Earthforce, Military Assault Command Operations (MACO), the Earth Alliance Space Probe Agency and the Earth Alliance Diplomatic Corps.


The name "Earth Alliance" was first used to describe the probes launched by the Earth Alliance Space Probe Agency.

The dreams of a unified Earth were believed to be nonexistent due to the Great Collapse.

The activities of the United States of America would eventually lead to a unified Earth. Including taking in many refugees from around the world. The Treaty of Unification was signed in Washington DC on March 30th 2072.

In 2075, the last of Earth's nations joined the Earth Alliance, making it truly global.

In 2087, after the Earth made contact with several new species, president Luis Santiago announced new alien immigration policies and strengthened trade agreements between several alien species.

From 2156 to 2160, the Earth Alliance fought its first intergalactic war against a warmongering species known as the Xendar. The war ended with the Humans and the Boray reprogramming the Xendars, randomly selecting animal species from Earth that proved useful.

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