The Earth Empire is the protagonist power in Earth-Link.


The Empire was formed after the end of World War 3 in the year 2063, shortly after the discovery of Faster-Than-Light travel.The Empire was created as a replacement for the then-split-up United Nations, but little did the powers realize they would be a lot bigger than they imagined.


The Empire rarely uses currency, because they believe it to be immoral and also realize how unstable it can make the Empire. But when in doubt, sometimes they pay with starship fuels and components.

The Mission of the Empire

Basically, the Empire's purpose is to explore, expand, and evolve into the biggest unity of races the galaxy has ever known; to

...Make peace with all races, known and unknown, explore the vast playpen we call the universe, and stand up for ourselves when the time comes.
—Zero states the purpose of the Empire

The Earth-Link and the Earth-Skregg War

In the year 4200 AD, aka Earth-Link Zero, the Empire accidentally set foot in Skregg Territory by way of the Earth-Link wormhole. This would begin a costly two-month war with the Skregg and the Empire.

Fortunately, the discovery of the Earth-Link set the Empire's traveling technology levels skyrocketing almost 150 years forward, also allowing the Empire to invent Superdrives.

History and Timeline

Coming soon!

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