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The Earth Federation is the main government of the planet Earth and its colonies. The Earth Federation is a federal republic with a population of 9.85 trillion sentient life-forms by 2573. The federation also has one of the highest immigration rates among the interstellar empires.


See: Earth History.

The Earth Federation was formed on New Years Eve in 2087. It was a successor to Earths factions: the African Confederation, the Eastern Coalition, the European Union, the Russian Federation, the Muslim Bloc, the Caribbean Alliance, the United States, Canada and the Independent Republic of Australia.

Alongside their peaceful relations with many species, they have also been involved in many conflicts, some of the longest being with the Lyran Star Empire, the Hydran Kingdom and the Inkersian Empire.


See: Earth Government.

The Earth Federation is a representative democracy, with an elected president as the head of its executive branch. An election is held every four years, and a president may serve for an unlimited number of terms.

The legislative branch is comprised on the Earth Council, which is composed of one councilor from every colony. The term of the councilors is unlimited, for example Dan Carson, has been serving on the council for thirty years. Each individual colony determines who will represent them, the election is held at random.

The Earth Federation government has several executive departments whose heads form the Presidential Cabinet, who advise the president on their issues of jurisdiction and run their departments on a day-to-day basis. Cabinet members can have strong influence on Earth Federation policy based upon their work with the president and the appropriate members of the Earth Council.

The Capitol city of the Earth Federation is Washington, DC and its capitol planet is Earth. The seat of government is the White House.

Colonies of Earth

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Presidents of the Earth Federation

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Earth Federation Council

See: Earth Federation Council

Relations with other Empires

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The Earth Federation's economy was built around the large scale, inexpensive production of almost all consumer goods. Replicators fill the need for almost all material goods and a pervasive altruistic philosophy of self-improvement and helping others provides most labor. The driving force of the Earth Federation's economy is the ensuring of a comfortable standard of living for all Federation citizens. The Federation credit is the currency that is used in the Earth Federation.


Symbols of Federation patriotism include the Seal of the Earth Federation, which serves as the official emblem of the Earth Federation. The Flag of the Earth Federation is also a prominent Federation symbol, often displayed at government buildings, official events, and at state and earthforce funerals.


Main article: Earth Federation law

The fundamental political principles and laws of the Federation derived from two important documents:

  • The Earth Charter was the document ratified by the founding factions of the Earth Federation at the organizations founding in 2087. Caste-based discrimination was prohibited under the Charter.
  • The Earth Constitution incorporated a series of enumerated rights to which all sentient beings were regarded as being entitled, collectively referred to as the Guarantees. The Seventh Gurantee of the Constitution protected individuals from self-incrimination, while the Twelfth Guarantee protected the rights of artists.


See: Earthforce.


There is no official Federation religion, although citizens are free to practice their own personal beliefs. Many Federation citizens celebrate Federation Day.


See: Federation Standard.


See: Earth Colonies.


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