The Council of the Earth Federation, more commonly known as the Earth Council, is the legislature of the Earth Federation government. A unicameral body, the Council is comprised of one Federation Councilor from every colony, and meets in the Earth Council Chamber located in Los Angeles.

In accordance with the Earth Constitution, sessions of the full Council of the Earth Federation are presided over by the President of the Earth Federation (barring special circumstances, such as the President being off-planet), who stands at a podium near the north wall while the councilors sit in seats arranged in rising rows of twenty. The podium determines who may speak to the Council for the record, and recognized speakers may only address the Council from the speaker's floor, located in the center of the room between two sets of seats for the councilors. Councilors have computer terminals at their work stations that they may use to silently contact one-another or those outside the chambers, and lights on each terminal to indicate a desire to address the Council. No one may speak who has not been recognized by the podium.

The Earth Council conducts its business during sessions that convene once every six months, with three-week intervals. According to the Earth Constitution, all Earth Councilors must be present at the beginning of a session in order to participate in future meetings of the Council; those that are not present must wait until the next session convenes in six months.

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