The Earth Federation Diplomatic Corps (sometimes referred to as the Earth Federation Diplomatic Corps Service Bureau and as the Federation Diplomatic Office) is the division of the Federation Department of the Exterior which is responsible for negotiating treaties with foreign states and maintaining inter-state relations and diplomacy within the Earth Federation.

It is composed of Earth Federation ambassadors, and executes the foreign policy set by the Earth Federation President, Earth Federation Council, and Federation Secretary of the Exterior. The Diplomatic Corps often works closely with the Earthforce.

The Earth Federation Diplomatic Corps are widely considered to be obstinate and an impediment to the effective implementation of foreign policy by many in the Earth Government and Earthforce. Nonetheless, its negotiating skills have proven invaluable in maintaining relatively good relations with many foreign states.

This division grants diplomatic immunity for many ambassador-grade emissaries and dignitaries, including those of normally hostile governments conducting relevant business with the Federation. However, it is uncommon for military officers to be accorded immunity. A corollary to this immunity ensures safe passage within Earth space.


Security Division

The Security Division handled matters of protection of the ambassadorial delegates.

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