Earth Federation Law refers to the legal procedures and processes to civil and military citizens of the Earth Federation. The law of the Earth Federation is based on several historic documents, such as:

  • Magna Carta - Magna Carta is widely considered to be the first step in a long historical process leading to the rule of Earth Federation constitutional law.
  • Earth Charter - The Charter of the Earth Federation was the document ratified by the original factions of Earth at the organizations founding in 2087. American General Gabriel Bell was one of the signers of the Charter.
  • The Acts of Cumberland - The Acts of Cumberland were statutes pertaining to the rights of devices possessing artificial intelligence.

The rights afforded to civil citizens of the Federation include the following documents:

  • Constitution of the Earth Federation - The Constitution of the Earth Federation outlining the framework by which the Federation is governed for the mutual benefit and protection of colonies and individual citizens. This document contains at least twelve "Guarantees" related to fundamental individual rights of citizens. The Seventh Guarantee is a fundamental civil liberties protected by the Constitution of the Earth Federation. Section seven gamma of the Twelfth Guarantee defines an artist as a "person who creates an original artistic work."
  • Earth Judicial Code - The Earth Judicial Code is a set of guidelines and regulations related to legal issues in the Earth Federation.

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