Earth Force is a series based on the Utopia television series. Alex, a young trainee is recruited by the Earth Force. Her first assignment, track down a cult on old Xoth worlds and find out what they are planning.


  • Alex D: A human female who is recruited by earth force. She grew up on the streets of Old Chicago and has no parents. When an Earth Force soldier saw her fighting a Narn mugger and thought she would be a good member of the Earth Force. She has formed friendships with Billie Adams, Leo Jankowski and Klara Sparks.
  • Billie Adams: A human female who has known Alex for years. She joins Earth Force with Alex for the adventure. She is a cybernetic and has a cybernetic left eye, right arm and two legs. While trying to see if the Disciples of Kai had been to Vega VI, she was captures by the Orion pirates.
  • Leo Jankowski: A human male who is a cadet in the Earth Force Academy in seattle. He is friends with Alex D. He and Klara went with her on the Missions to Rigel III and the martian badlands.
  • Klara Sparks: A human female who is a cadet in the Earth Force academy in Seattle. She is a good friend to Alex ever since she arrived.


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