The Earth Political Union is the leading force in the United Earth Regime, a leading political power in the solar system as presented in Void of Earth's Solar System. The Political Union was organized about 1500 years ago as humans had already colonized much of the local solar system, and the current level of technology was about the same (see technology in VESS) as it is today. The original world government which had controlled the planet Earth has largely collapsed for several decades by then, and it's remnants were reconstituted as the current Earth Political Union. The military forces under the Political Union fought against rival governments in North America, Australia, and Africa over over a century, until it finally created the current United Earth Regime. Both the Political Union and the Regime had adopted a policy of racial equality for all sentients (see races in VESS), which helped them consolidate their power on Earth, since the rival governments were racist in that they viewed A.I. personalities, human clones, canoids, felinoids, and genetically enhanced dolphins and apes as inferior to "true" humans who were born by normal, natural biology. By 1000 years ago, the Earth Political Union and the United Earth Regime it controlled tried to unite the entire solar system under one government, and it gained complete control of the orbital cities in Earth orbit, and partial control of Luna, Mercury, Venus, Mars, and the asteroid belt. However, the local governments merged into the League of Planets and counter military force and political propaganda with the same things. The Earth Political Union is open to most people living under the United Earth Regime, and the Political Union allows Political Union members a certain diversity of political opinion, but criticism of the Political Union's one-party system and monopoly control of the Regime is illegal, and there is some degree of media censorship and close supervision of teachers in schools and other educational institutions. The Political Union is divided into several factions, which are divided on the question of whether to continue the expansion of the Regime's control across the solar system, as well as on such issues as taxes, spending priorities in the government budget (especially the level of military spending), and preserving the environment both on Earth, Venus, and Mars vs. economic development.

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