Earthforce is the military branch of the Earth Federation.


Earthforce is comprised of three separate branches: Fleet, Marines, and Security. Flag officers from all three divisions comprise a Joint Chiefs of Staff who report directly to the President of the Earth Federation.

Earthforce Space Corps

The Earthforce Space Corps, or simply 'Fleet' is the backbone of Earthforce, encompassing all of the space borne military assets of the Earth Federation. Fleet officers wear a standard blue uniform with the Earth Federation Emblem on the left breast over an appropriate stat bar, with a unit patch or flight wings on the right upper shoulder and a divisional badge on the left. Pilot flight uniforms feature the owner's name over the left breast, the divisional patch on the right breast, a unit (wing) patch on the right upper shoulder and the squadron patch on the left upper shoulder. Flight-suits have a large rectangular patch over the left breast that display the pilot's name, rank and flight qualification. The duty uniform of a fleet NCO is the same as that of the officers sans the stat bar and the vertical leather strip on the tunic and in place of the divisional patch on the upper left arm is instead a unit or ship patch.

Earthforce Medical Corps

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