Bastard Greyhawk character
Homeland Gnarley Forest
Gender Male
Race Human
Born 548 CY
Died N/A
Class Druid
Alignment Neutral

Earthramus is a powerful Hierophant Druid, and founding member of the Flamebringers adventuring band.

Earthramus was portrayed by Rob Vest.


Earthramus stands about 6',2" tall, and weighs a muscular 200 lbs. His long, thick brown hair and beard are often framed by the hood of his white cloak. He dresses in white robes and bears a magical scythe.


Earthramus remains on good terms with many of his fellow adventurers, especially Ballard, Nanolth, and Saldrom. He also has many friends among the Old Faith, notably Goldleaf and Dallic Clay.


Early life

Earthramus was born Aethelstan Adilsyn in 548 CY. The son of Selwald Adilsyn, a wealthy textile merchant in Jurnre, capital of the County of Ulek, Aethelstan rejected the family business at a young age to study the ways of the Old Faith. Aethelstan entered the service of Treehelm, a druid of the Dreadwood, where he met a fellow apprentice, the youth who would eventually take the name Goldleaf. There he would also befriend Arborius, a local ranger who served Treehelm. Upon completing his training in 574 CY, Aethelstan took the name "Earthramus," and joined by Arborius, left on a journey to discover more of the world.

The Sheldomar Seven

Earthramus made soon found himself leading his first adventuring party, the Sheldomar Seven, consisting of Arborius, a human priest of Celestian named Gerald the Seeker, a human sorceress named Hilgaared, a halfling rogue named Theodore Dobbins, a dwarven fighter named Halik, and an elven fighter/ mage named Kellin.

The group soon found themselves in the Keoish town of Saltmarsh, where they were hired to investigate a "haunted" house, only to uncover a smuggling ring, led by Sanbalet, a human illusionist, and Sigurd Snake-Eyes, a pirate captain. The group slew Sanbalet, though Snake-Eyes escaped. Oceanus, an aquatic elf they rescued, informed the group that the smugglers were selling weapons to a tribe of lizardfolk in the nearby Hool Marshes. Joined by Oceanus, the group entered Earthwomb, the tribe's lair, where they learned from Zaganesar, the tribe's chieftain, that the lizardfolk needed the weapons because they were preparing for war against a tribe of sahuagin who drove them from their fortress, Scaleyrock, a year before in 573 CY.

Creative origins

Earthramus was inspired by both the historical druids of the Celts, and by the druids of Terry Brooks's Shannara novels.

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