Jimnocchio is a Earthworm Jim parody of Disney's Pinocchio. This parody combines the Earthworm Jim animated TV series with Disney's second full-length animated feature. The animation was produced by Film Roman. Animation is handled overseas in South Korea by Sunwoo Entertainment.

Cast lists

Version 1 (by GrishamAnimationStudios102)

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  • Earthworm Jim as Pinocchio (dubbed "Jimnocchio")
  • Peter Puppy as Jiminy Cricket (dubbed "Peter Puppy")
  • Princess What's-Her-Name as The Blue Fairy
  • Queen Slug-for-a-Butt as the Coachwoman
  • Professor Monkey-for-a-Head as "Honest" Mark Monkington Simifellow
  • Psycrow as Psychideon the Crow
  • Lord of Nightmares as Stromboli
  • Grayson as Mister Grayson (paroding Mister Geppetto)
  • Evil Jim as Lampwick (dubbed "Evil Jim")
  • Henchrat as Monstro

Version 2

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