Eight Shields Organization Model:About the East

Art of Community Core Leadership Team

OPEN speaks for the East for FIC Art of Community NW Event.

Top Priorities

  1. East Priority 1: Identify the speaker for the East
  2. East Priority 2: Define relationship with Abraham Paiss

Background on Abraham Paiss

  • Craig Ragland described plans for this event during a Coho/US board meeting
  • Neshama Abraham expressed an interest in talking further about the event
  • Would like to provide PR/publicity consulting services on a fee basis
  • Craig indicated that possibility exists, but is dependent on direction to be set by the event's Core Leadership Team
    • Next Steps
      • Craig to open dialog with other members of the leadership team regarding payment for services
      • Craig to send Neshama an email with more context, link to wiki, etc.
      • Neshama to respond to Craig's mail with some detail, assuming potential involvement

Note from Syd on East (moved from Eight Shields Organization Model)

1-9: Syd Fredrickson has agreed to represent the East on this core team. Here's a little background for those who don't know me well: I have experience doing publicity and community outreach for many types of events, having worked with cultural/arts and educational nonprofits as well as political campaigns and independent businesses in the Seattle area. Knowing many progressive businesses, nonprofits, and contacts in key offices of local government will be helpful in sponsor solicitation. I have lived in Seattle for 15 years now, having moved from Twin Oaks Community, where my passion for event & conference coordination became solidified. I used to serve on the boards of FIC, NICA, and other community-building nonprofits, and remain active in the cooperative living and IC movement. Both within and outside of intentional community settings, I've also had experience with team planning processes, volunteer recruitment and management, registration design and oversight, plus overall logistical event coordination and production responsibility for large gatherings, including some about creating community and working toward sustainability (most noteworthy here is the 2001 "Co-Opportunities Northwest" conference). For this reason, I am also proposing that I represent the South.

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