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Stated Mission (from website)

To form and support groups of households and individuals working together as an umbrella group to create residential cohousing communities (retrofit and new-build) in the urban East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area.


RNC member Raines Cohen is a longtime member of this group, which started as a core group and now acts as a general umbrella/referral/resource organization. Not great depth in current participation. Does booths at some local events. Uses MeetUp and YahooGroups, plus a voicemail box and static website, MeetUp and YahooGroups. The last five resales at Berkeley Cohousing and Doyle Street Cohousing (Emeryville, CA) have been to EBCOHO members; two Swan's Market Cohousing households joined EBCOHO while they were on the waitlist for a suitable unit. EBCOHO frequently meets at local cohousing communities.

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