East End

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“Bona Drag” Cover (cnr Tench and Reardon Street, Wapping)

A well known photo of Morrissey shows him leaning on a post on the street corner. The image was used for posters, T-Shirts and post cards, as well as the lyric sheet for Bona Drag. The same street corner was used at the end of the video for We Hate When Our Friends Become Successful

Filthy McNasty’s Whiskey Cafe (68 Amwell St, EC1)

One of the favourite pubs frequented by alcoholic romantic Shane McGowan (formerly singer-songwriter with The Pogues).

Throbbing Gristle’s Studio (10 Martello St, Hackney)

The studio was located in a factory next to London Fields in (post) working class Hackney.

Royal Oak (Columbia Road)

The 'Royal Oak' on Columbia Road is the site of some of the pub scenes from the Movie, "The Krays". Also, Rolling Stones did a video for one of their songs from Tattoo You outside the Royal Oak and up Columbia Road.

Victoria Park, Hackney

The Clash played to 80,000 people at an Anti Nazi League rally in April 1978, (supported by Boomtown Rats among others). The park has a long history as the venue for protests and marches: from Sufferagettes to Gay Pride.

The Mansions (Benwell Road, Finsbury Park)

This was John Lydon's childhood home, where the Lydon family (parents and 4 children) rented an overcrowded two room flat. The slum tenement building has now been demolished. The nearby Arsenal football stadium and The Roundhouse venue were both frequented by the young Lydon.

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