Easter Fun is a VHS 1994. 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment in NCH 10 Episodes.


  • Thomas The Tank Engine: A Bad Day For Sir Handel
  • TUGS: Trapped
  • Brum: Opera
  • Postman Pat: Postman Pat And The Mystery Tour
  • Fireman Sam: A Spot Of Bother
  • The Raggy Dolls: Rainbow Ends
  • The Simpsons: Homer Vs Lisa and The 8th Commandment
  • South Park: Cartman Gets An Anal Probe
  • Cyberchase: The X-Factor
  • The Telebugs: Danger
  • Noddy's Toyland Adventures: Noddy Cheers Up Big Ears

Voice Cast

  • Michael Angelis - Gordon, Skarloey, Rheneas, Sir Handel, Peter Sam and Sir Topham Hatt
  • Simon Nash - Ten Cents
  • Nigel Anthony - Big Mac
  • Timothy Bateson - OJ and Little Ditcher
  • John Baddeley - Top Hat and Zip
  • Shaun Prendergast - Sunshine and Zak
  • Chris Tulloch - Zorran
  • Mike Mulloy - Zug
  • Lee Cornes - Billy Shoepack
  • Toyah Willcox - Brum
  • Ken Barrie - Postman Pat
  • John Alderton - Fireman Sam, Elvis Criddlington, Station Officer Steele, Trevor Evans, James, Sarah, Norman Price, Dilys Price and Penny Morris
  • Neil Innes - Hi-Fi, Back-To-Front, Lucy, Dotty, Princess, Claude and Sad Sack
  • Dan Castellaneta - Homer Simpson
  • Julie Kavner - Marge Simpson
  • Nancy Cartwright - Bart Simpson
  • Yeardley Smith - Lisa Simpson
  • Trey Parker - Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman and Mr. Garrison
  • Matt Stone - Kyle Broflovski and Kenny McCormick
  • Isaac Hayes - Chef
  • Mary Kay Bergman - Wendy Testaburger, Liane Cartman and Ms. Crabtree
  • Novie Edwards - Jackie
  • Annick Obosawin - Inez
  • Jacqueline Pillon - Matt
  • Gillbert Gorfred - Digit
  • Howard Morris - Chip
  • Sherry Lynn - Samantha
  • Marilyn Lightstone - Bug
  • Phil Hartman - Mic
  • Susan Sheridan - Noddy, Tessie Bear, Dinah Doll, Mrs. Tubby Bear and Martha Monkey
  • Jimmy Hibbert - Big Ears, Mr. Sparks, Mr. Milko, Mr. Wobbly Man, Mr. Tubby Bear, Mr. Jumbo, Mr. Train Driver and Mr. Plod

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