The Eastern Ocean is the main body of water. Numerous islands and archipelagoes dot the Eastern Ocean.


  • Terebinthia: an island off the coast of Northern Olympus. This island is the home to four towns and two gargoyle clans. Terebinthia is the home of the young magics Rory Dugan, Molly and their Gargoyle friends Gabriel, Angela and Boudicca. The islands capitol, called New Camelot is the only large city on the Island.
  • Galma: an island off the coast of Southern Olympus. The Galmans enjoy jousts and the island is also Home to the Galma gargoyle Clan. The island also has lush forests filled with fruit. The Galmans are decended from the Mayans the Ansem brought to the inside of the Earth.
  • Seven Islands: The seven Islands are to the North east of Northern Olympus. The chief city in the Seven Isles was the port of Redhaven. The seven islands are home to decendents of the pirates of the outer world.
  • Lone Islands: The Lone Islands are the most populous and busiest of the islands in the Eastern Ocean. There are three of them: Doorn, Avra, and Felimath. Felimath is a quiet, rural island of pastures, mostly used for grazing sheep. Felimath is also home to a tribe of Indians and a gargoyle clan. Avra is the home of Bernstead, Duke Bern's estate (as well as others). It is a slightly more mountainous island, famous for its vast vineyards. Doorn is the largest island and also the most important, for its main town of Narrowhaven. Narrowhaven is the largest island nexus of trade in the whole of the Ocean. Merchants and goods pass through its harbor and its streets from all the mainland kingdoms and all the islands.
  • Palosidar: an island in the middle of the Eastern Ocean. The island is home to dinosaurs or "Wingless Dragons" as the elves call them.

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