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Easy Come, Easy Koume is a The New Adventures of Shining Time Station (Pokemon Puzzle League version) episode.


  • When Koume wants to build an ultimate tunnel, Ash, Kevin, Falkner, Mitchie, Timon, Pumbaa, The Steamettes, Kimiko, Koji and The Conductors try to help her. Note: Kimiko is wearing her Oil In The Family outfit.


  • Mr. Conductor 1
  • Mr. Conductor 2
  • Mr. Conductor 3
  • Ash Ketchum
  • Kevin Whitney
  • Falkner
  • Mitchie Ohara
  • Timon
  • Pumbaa
  • Aya
  • Satsuki
  • Charmaine
  • Kimiko Tohomiko
  • Koji
  • Koume


Part 1

  • (We see Ash and the others digging outside)
  • Ash: Don't start now. We're running a dig.
  • Satsuki: Maybe this hard work makes us tired.
  • Aya: Cut it out. This is no time for a rest.
  • Pumbaa: Uh, Ash, can you mind lend us a helping hand?
  • Ash: No thanks, Pumbaa. I got more work to do.
  • Pumbaa: Oh, sorry.
  • Mitchie: Ash. Because of this hard work, why are we digging.
  • Ash: We're digging for a new hole.
  • Koume: Everyone!
  • Charmaine: I heard that.
  • Koume: I'm just going to dig the ultimate tunnel.
  • (The Conductors appear)
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Good news, Koume.
  • Mr. Conductor 2: You're going to dig an ultimate tunnel.
  • Koume: It's my job.
  • Mr. Conductor 3: You're an expert.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Reminds me of Percy and his experience with signals.
  • Ash: Percy and the signals.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Yes, Ash. I'll tell you.
  • (Mr. Conductor 1 blows his whistle and Percy and The Signal starts)
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Percy works in the yard at the big station. He loves playing jokes, but they get them into trouble. One morning, he was very cheeky indeed.
  • Percy: Peep peep! Hurry up, Gordon! The train's ready.
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Gordon thought he was late.
  • Percy: Ha, ha, ha!
  • Mr. Conductor 1: Laughed Percy, and showed him a train of dirty coal cars. Gordon thought

Part 2

Part 3

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