aka Greets-with-horns

Eye of the Storm

"Ethian is a big, slender tall Elf. he is covered in dirt and claims to be a sheperd." - From Captain Chase Neverland's official report on the "gate murder"

"Greets-with-horns lives on path of blood. Great warrior. Find in Greets-with-horns good brother, good protector. Need-need Greets-with-horns on journey. Quiet but smart-smart. Knows inside of people. Lives with one foot in man-world, one foot in spirit world. Tomorrow fear Greets-with-horns, fear axe. Uses spirit of anger, powerful spirit. Nakhara place trust-faith in Greets-with-horns' great spirit- unstoppable." -Nakhara

Well I don’t know much about him at the moment. He doesn’t talk to me much, all I know is he quite tall, kind of quiet, and he is a sheperd. How he got so good with an axe being a sheperd I hope to find out, but he is definetly very skillful with it, and he has quite a passion for battle. I’m hoping I can get to know him better as we continue our journey, we probably could work very well together in battle if we knew how each other thought. -Ellenore

"Ethian... I don't get him. We're a few days into it, and I don't know why he's here. I'm not sure HE knows why he's here. I can't say I 'm not glad, though... boy can he fight. If it weren't for him we'd surely all be dead by now. He could use a little personality, but I can't help but feel some sort of connection. We come from the same place... and with everyone else in this group, I'm sort of glad he doesn't ask questions" - Elysia

Important Figures in Eathian’s past

(Thalineathian) Eathian -- Me
Isthralenin (Alenin)---- Father. Warrior killed in a cattle raid
Friseanna (Anna)---- Mother
Grinealis (Ealis)--- Step Father … Warrior

Elliarisa (Arisa) --- Daughter of healer “Future Love interest”
Leoran ---- Healer, Father of Arisa
Felinorist --- Old Chief
Feroniric --- Son of Felinorist, Chief Appearent

When Ethain was a boy he was always running, adventuring … like his father the great warrior (that most kids think their father is) he would swing a stick pretending to cleave foes with a mighty axe. He would run through the fields, or if they were around a forest he would always play scout … and climb every tree he could reach the branches. He loved to climb, and soon enough no tree, or rock, fissure or cave was safe from him, he wanted nothing more then to concur them all. He always felt safe with heights, safer then when he was firmly on the ground (which cause his mother no small amount of worry). Of course he wasn’t the climber he wanted to be, and as all children do he fell several times causing the inevitable cuts, bruises, and breaks that result in a small child bouncing on the hard ground.

As a result of these “crash courses in gravity” he grew rather well acquainted with the healer, and the healer’s assistant, his only hard headed, independent, intelligent and daughter. He was there when he found out about his father, doting over a bruise that had long since healed. Another Elf came into the tent, a shattered arrow haft sticking out of his chest, and he told Leoran, in blood flecked words, of the doom of the cattle raid. Eathian would discover much later that the scouts of the targeted tribe had seen the party approaching and set up a devastating ambush.

Eathian’s world crumbled at the words and he immediately made for the door. Leoran however was a much smarter man then the young boy and moved to intercept him. Knowing that death awaited him if he charged off. He grabbed Eathian’s shoulders with the hands that had comforted and healed him many times before, trusting that his age and strength would be enough. But this time Eathian was beyond himself in anger, denial, and rage. With his left hand he swept the much larger healer aside, knocking him to the ground. Eathian didn’t spare him a glance, his entire existence focused on getting to his father. But as Eathian was halfway out of the door, a set of calloused, dirty but feminine hands, grabbed his trailing arm and Eathian froze.

She said nothing, didn’t try to stop him, didn’t try to hold him, she simply looked at him, and her gaze brought Eathian back to reality. A much more painful, dark and hopeless reality then it was just a few moments ago. Eathian tore his arm free, but the movement was not borne of rage, but the devastating pain only a child could know. He ran then, past his mothers hut past the flock of sheep he would one day Shepard. He paused for a moment as he reached the tree line, but only a moment. In his mind he couldn’t be safe in the leafy and living boughs, right now he needed something hard, unforgiving, cold and lifeless.

It took him a few moments to reach the cliffside. He quickly found his favorite assent, and made his way up the face, there was a small cave about a hundred lengths up, he had carried an old bedroll there earlier that spring, and would often wait out passing showers in its shallow darkness. He only slipped once, it was only about 25 lengths above the ground, but that once was enough. Eathian was half blind in anguish and tears, and wasn’t looking at the handholds he knew were there. His left hand reached automaticly to a small outcropping, but he over reached slightly and landed on the top of the ledge, or rather what was sitting on the top of the ledge. In this case a rock adder was resting in the afternoon sun, and it reacted to the blind limb in a stunningly swift, and painfull way.

Eathian froze in shock, even as the serpent was pumping its venom into the meat of his hand, he froze … and then he fell.

It was later that Eathian found out that Ealis had seen the boy running, and not knowing the child's desire for solitude, had followed him to the cliffs. It was Ealis who picked up the boy and carried him back to the healers tent. All Eathian knew is that when he woke up his father was dead and there was an angel watching over him.

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