Eating Vegetables is a parody episode of LazyTown


  • Sportacus: Look, it's a letter from Stephanie and Ziggy!
  • Stephanie: Hi, Sportacus. We're eating vegetables!
  • Ziggy: I'm eating carrots!
  • Stephanie: I'm eating celery!
  • Ziggy: Stephanie, you're doing it great!
  • Stephanie: All done!
  • Ziggy: Back to you, Sportacus!

{Family Feud 1999 Theme is Shortest}

  • All: Bye!
  • Sportacus: Bye!


May 15, 20012
October 36, 2002
  • Ziggy: I'm eating vegetables!
  • Stephanie: Move!

{Duty is Eating}

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