After Ebo The Friendly Centurion enjoyed some sucess, and at its dizying hights doubled its viewer rating (a new fan joined the one-man-in-joke) the show was exported to a not-too-distant planet, known as France. Due to the creators appauling knoledge of French, the dubbed version was given the badly translated name "Ebo Le Centenier Amical". The French prooved crazy enough to like the programme, not realising its obvious spoof (it's clearly a referrence to the largely disputed and highly contraversial deletion of an article about Wendyk from the Ill Bethisad wiki). Indeed, so much so that a snack was named in memomory of that lovable lion Ibi, in mourning of his death (due to massive liable charges brought against the actor playing the voice of Ibi, who subtly weaved antisemtic remarks into his dialogue) , known as the croque Ibi, conisting of a baguette with a person inside.

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