Ebo The Friendly Centurion only ever enjoyed a small amount of success, largely as a result of two die hard fans, who insisted on its much doubted existance. Inspite of this, various words and phrases have come into common use as a result of the show, leaving a permanant mark on the English language. These have become known as Eboisms less popularly as (Words derived from Ebo related shananagans).

These include:

  • To do an Ibi - This refers to an act or action resembling that of Ibi's. (The French version Ebo Le Centier Amical called these "les betises Ibienne"). This generally refers to either an extreme act of violence, or eating a complete stranger alive (unsurprisingly the latter has proven far more usefull in every-day life)

  • Oh Ibi! - This phrase has slowly come into use due to its massive overuse in the series. It can both express an amicalable dissapointment in the predictablemness of a friends actions, or (oncemore due to the phrase's overuse) an fatigue of the repetiveness, and absurdity of life. The most famous example of this (see Influences on Popular Culture) is in one of Sartre's less famous letters to Camus, in which he describes all of existance in these words (Sartre's actual words were "Oh la la Ibi!", undoubtedly inspired by the French version of the show, Ebo Le Centier Amical).

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