Samination (formerly known as Ebolaworld) is an animation website created by Samuel T Nelson in 2001. The website started with 4 main series: The Stupid Adventures Of Taco-Man, Grandpa, The Smurks, and The Good Life. The website expanded to Newgrounds in 2003 with every video uploaded being added to the front page. However, many new videos remained exclusive to the original website (and have never been uploaded anywhere else). In 2008, Sam created a Youtube channel, with many videos only available there such as Messing with Seaman, Taco-Man Plays, and Taco-Man the Game Master. Later, the original website was changed to a simple hub with links for all it's many different media and social websites.

In 2014, the original website, Youtube channel, Newgrounds name and all social accounts were changed from Ebolaworld to Samination, mostly due to the overhyped ebola scare of that same year, and Sam's want for a name change since 2006. was registered in 2009, but not brought online until September 2015. now forwards to this website. The website no longer uses flash and retains the media/social links along with the latest video (embedded from Youtube) and a frequently updated schedule page.

Sam still uploads videos to Newgrounds and Youtube, but no longer has any exclusive content on his main website. Many older videos have been removed from Newgrounds and Youtube, along with all exclusive content on the original website. Sam is considering creating an Ebolaworld Classics DVD featuring these older videos.

Samination still has a few main series going such as Taco-Man Plays, Adam and Eve, Messed-Up Bible Stories, Completely Accurate Gaming History, Empty Space, Quickies, and a few one off animations such as Cereal Killers, Detective Taco, Grandpa, and Smokey the Cigarette. No series has a regular release schedule, except for Taco-Man Plays which releases a new video almost monthly. A few series have officially ended such as Snowy the Frostman, Taco-Man the Game Master, and Messing with Seaman.

A second Youtube channel was created in 2013 (formerly known as Ebolaworld64) called Samination 2 (or S2 for short). The new channel features original series, deleted scenes from Taco-Man Plays, and live shows such as Taco-Man Plays Mario Kart 8 (which is sometimes live on Fridays) and a new series called Taco-Man VS Grandpa (which is sometimes live on Saturdays). The channel when first launched featured new Taco-Man Plays and Completely Accurate Gaming History episodes, but both series have since moved back to the main channel. Other original series for the channel such as Grandpa VS the Machine, Resident Sam and Game Glitch have been put on indefinite hiatus.



Ebolaworld/Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

More to come...

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