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Echo 429 Productions
Type Private
Founded 2007
Headquarters New York, New York
Key people Philip Geramian
George Hlynsky
Richard Chan
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Products Echo 429
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Early history

Echo 429 Productions was formed in 2007 as a production company to produce Echo 429. after a two months of the founders not seeing each other it was decided to turn Echo 429 into a miniseries as the group decided to Create a sitcom (Caution Stupidity in Progress) portraying their wacky school lives. On October 14th, 2007, an unknown person managed to hack the echo429 site, and posted "there is no data, only xul" a Saying from the Mozilla Foundation.

Echo 429

Echo 429 was originally designed to be a Machinima using Halo PC and Halo CE. It was meant to last a few seasons, but after a few months of planning and the first few episode were written the group canceled the whole series. But in early September 2007 it was decided to take another look at the series and it was revised into a miniseries.


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