Nachforschungen der norwegischen Tierschutzorganisation NAWA ergaben, daß der Pelzbesatz an den Kapuzen der offiziellen Kleidung der norwegischen Olympiamannschaft bei den Winterspielen in Turin aus Echtpelz besteht: Tests ergaben, daß es sich um den Pelz von Marderhunden handelt. Der japanische Hersteller, Phenix Clothing, hat bestätigt, daß der Pelz aus China bezogen wurde.

Es soll erreicht werden, daß der Besatz entfernt wird.

Quelle: Mensch und Tier



The Norwegian Olympic Committee and Confederation of Sports
Serviceboks 1, Ullevål Stadion
0840 Oslo
tel: +47 21 02 90 00, fax: +47 21 02 90 01


Phenix Clothing




Dear Sirs,

I write concerning the use of racoon dog fur to make the detachable collars in the official Norwegian Winter Olympics uniform.

I am not going to try and persuade Norwegians that the fur trade should be banned but I believe your own fur industry would object to the use of Chinese sourced racoon dog fur. Whenever we have criticised Norwegians for killing whales for meat or seals and other animals for their skins your countrymen have always argued that they do their best to kill animals as quickly and humanely as possible.

I have seen video footage of the production of racoon dog fur in China and I do not believe anyone could try and describe the killing of these animals as quick or humane. The animals are battered unconscious but you can clearly see that they are not all killed before they are skinned. Some obviously regain consciousness during or after the skinning process and are left to die from shock and blood loss.

If you do not believe me, see the video for yourself:

We urge you to drop the racoon dog fur from your Winter Olympics uniform.

Yours faithfully,

Elisabeth Richter, A 2345 Brunn/Austria

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