1) No artifacts. Artifacts are unbelievably rare in the DnD universe. Most adventurers will go their entire careers without ever seeing one.

EXAMPLE-RIGHT: Bob buys a periapt of wisdom from the mage

EXAMPLE-WRONG- Bob kills the evil mage and pries the Sword of Kas from his dead hands

2) Major events (zombie invasions, dragon razings, disintegration of major characters) should be proposed, rather than enacted. You would post a "proposition" at the end of your post if you wanted to do something huge with a rough outline of what you wanted to happen. The NEXT poster would then be able to decide if they thought your major even was truly warranted. Thusly for any event to occur it would have to be seconded, which would hopefully severely reduce (if not eliminate) the need to debate canon.

EXAMPLE-RIGHT: "Proposition" I think it would be interesting for Bobville to be raided by a squad of Hobgoblins

EXAMPLE-WRONG: Bobville is raided by Hobgoblins and dozens die in the ensuing melee. Also, everyone is now a Vampire.

3) Any poster may preceed the body of his post with the word "STOP". This means that he has taken serious issue with some event posted in the last chronicle. Further posts should not be made directly chronicling the town's events until the issue has been decided as either canon or non-canon. Without my posting an event can be considered "decided" if three consecutive posts are made in agreement as to whether or not the event is canon excluding the original poster of the event.


Poster 1: Everyone is now a Vampire

Poster 2: STOP. That is ridiculous

Poster 3: I agree. The vampire thing is stupid as hell.

Poster 4: I agree. And thats three of us so it's out. Next person can chronicle without it.


Poster 1: Everyone is now a Vampire

Poster 2: STOP. That is Ridiculous.

Poster 1 again: VAMPIRES ROCK IT's CANON!

Poster 1 again: It's Canon!

Poster 1 again: It's Canon!

Poster 1 again: OK. Now that everyone's a Vampire........

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