I suggest to use Eclipse as IDE, but am not sure how good it is to develop J3D. Anyway, Eclipse can help you easily to check out and check in codes from our cvs or svn server.

Check out J-Sim with Sensor Network Extension

You may use cvs client provided by Eclipse to check out J-Sim with sensor network extension. Here is a tutorial of using cvs in Eclipse. It also shows how to use ssh with cvs.

  • The host of the cvs server is
  • The path of the repository is /home/jhou/cvsroot/
  • The module name is javasim_1.3forSensorNMS
  • Please contact TSG people [e.g. Frank (fep@uiuc)] for creating account on You may need also cc your email to Jennifer, since it may require her approval.

Check out latest version of J-Sim

(You don't need to do this if you are working only on the sensor network project.) After installing Eclipse, you can install Subclipseto add Subversion integration to the Eclipse IDE. Here is a good install instruction. After installing Subclipse, you can create a project by checking out codes from a svn server. To do this, you need the address of the server and user/password.

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