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Version 1

  • Eddy as Stan Marsh
  • Edd as Kyle Broflovski
  • Kevin as Eric Cartman (they're both mean)
  • Ed as Kenny McCormick
  • Nazz as Heidi Turner
  • May as Bebe Stevens
  • Rolf as Mr. Garrison (they both have an "O" in their name)
  • Johnny as Token Black
  • Eddy's Dad as Randy Marsh
  • Eddy's Mom as Sharon Marsh
  • Sarah as Shelly Marsh (they're both mean and have names that begin with an "S")
  • Edd's Dad as Gerald Broflovski
  • Edd's Mom as Sheila Broflovski
  • Tommy (from Rugrats) as Ike Broflovski (they're both babies)
  • Kevin's Mom as Ms. Cartman
  • Ed's Dad as Stuart McCormick
  • Ed's Mom as Carol McCormick
  • Eddy's Brother as Satan
  • Bert and Ernie (from Sesame Street) as Terrence and Phillip
  • Oscar (from Sesame Street) as Scott the Dick

Version 2

  • Edd as Stan Marsh
  • Rolf as Kyle Broflovski
  • Eddy as Eric Cartman
  • Ed as Kenny McCormick
  • Nazz as Wendy Testaburger
  • Sarah as Shelly Marsh
  • Jimmy as Butters Stotch

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