• Eddy as Soldier (Both are loud and short tempered)
  • Edd as Scout (Both are very weak)
  • Ed as Heavy (Both are the biggest and the strongest)
  • Sarah as Armeni
  • Jimmy as Pyro
  • Nazz as Miss Pauling
  • Kevin as Sniper
  • Johnny as Medic
  • Rolf as Demoman
  • The Kankers as Spy

Version 2

  • Eddy as Scout (Blu)
  • Edd as Engineer (Blu) (Both are very smart)
  • Ed as Heavy (Blu)
  • Rolf as Demoman (Red)
  • Johnny as Sniper (Red) (there was no other choice)
  • Jimmy as Pyro (Red)
  • Sarah as Soldier (Red)
  • Kevin as Scout (Red)
  • Nazz as Medic (Spec)
  • The Kankers as Spy (Red)