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  • Ed as Tommy
  • Edd as Chuckie
  • Eddy as Drew
  • Sarah as Angelica
  • Johnny as Harold
  • Kenny as Phil
  • Numbuh 5 (Kids Next Door) as Susie
  • May as Lil
  • Nazz as Charlotte
  • Jimmy as Dil
  • Marie as Kimi
  • Lee as Betty
  • Kevin as Timmy
  • Rolf as Sabu
  • Butters as Howard
  • Randy as Stu
  • Sharon as Didi
  • Marvin Marsh as Grandpa Lou
  • Gerald as Chaz
  • Sheila as Kira
  • Ike as Teddy
  • Stan & Kyle as Todd & Ty
  • Doogie as Terry

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