Coolzdane's movie spoof of Ed Edd n Eddy and Dylan Adventures of the Swan Princess


  • Dylan - Timmy (The Fariy OddParten)
  • Ed - Ed (The Lion King)
  • Double-D - Shenzi (The Lion King)
  • Eddy - Banzai (The Lion King)
  • Odette - Jasmine (Aladdin)
  • Swan Odette - Nala (The Lion King)
  • Derek - Aladdin
  • Rothbart - Jafar (Aladdin)
  • Jean-Bob - Danny (Cats don't Dance)
  • Speed - Baloo (The Jungle Book)
  • Puffin - Bagheera (The Jungle Book)
  • Bromley - Kronk (The Emperor New Groove)
  • Lord Roger - Pacha (The Emperor New Groove)
  • Queen Uberta - Chicha (The Emperor New Groove)
  • King William - Sultan (Aladdin)
  • Chamberlain - Merlin (The Sword in the Stone)
  • Bridgit the Witch - Madam Mim (The Sword in the Stone)
  • Edgar - Haroud Hazi Bin (Aladdin)
  • Fidget - Killer (All Dogs Go to Heaven)
  • Creeper - Carface (All Dogs Go to Heaven)
  • Joanna the Goanna - Zira (The Lion King 2)
  • Zurgane - Shere Khan (The Jungle Book)
  • Choobo - Nuka (The Lion King 2)
  • Motodrone - Red Dogs (Jungle Cubs)
  • Vexaccus - Kaa (The Jungle Book)
  • Shimazu - Sir Hiss (Robin Hood)
  • The Great Animals - Sanke Jafar (Aladdin)
  • Kelzacks - Hyneas (The Lion King)
  • Gators in the Moat - Aligators (The Princess in the Frog)
  • Fidget, Creeper and Joanna in the Bugs Bunny Custom - Thumper (Bambi)
  • Palace Band/Target Practice Animals (During the "Practice, Practice, Practice" song sequence) - Colonel Hathi (The Jungle Book), Piglet (Pooh), Tod (The Fox and the Hound), Great Prince (Bambi), Donald Duck, Crane (Kung Fu Panda), Alex (Madagascar), Little John (Robin Hood), and White Rabbit (Alice in Wonderland (1951))

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