Eddie is a characters major as main protagonist that Melissa is a main protagonist and him cousins Rodney and him girlfriends Melissa, and friends members gang and Melissa´s boyfriends and children´s father and hero saved them as hero and Eddie have hungry as food and him smart as Rodney respect. Eddie have nice parents Ego and Elena and him sister Julie and him has crush on her Melissa, him students currents together Melissa as students loves. Eddie dating with Meli episode currents as Melissa workers coffee shop by Eddie has crush on Melissa and too Eddie dating with Melissa as date.


Melissa Rocha him and Melissa as first girlfriends and Eddie likes Melissa as dating romantic and him together with Meli enter loves-interest and him kiss to Melissa as back boyfriends, him likes Meli as Melissa is a rolmantics-interest and him kiss to Meli as feelings romantics as boyfriends currents and appear dream songs loves for Melissa and him kiss to Melissa as feelings and too dating with Melissa as feelings and romantics-interest that Eddie likes Melissa, him say Melissa "likes Eddie" as feelings relationship and dating with his girlfriends to Melissa episode currents. 

Rodney him and Rodney as cousins bros that Eddie interest to Rodney as goods cousin enter episodes currents enter relationship with his cousin.

Darlene him and Darlene as goods friends that Eddie interest to Darlene as goods friends enter episodes currents enter relationship with his friends

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