Eddy's Most Grand Adventure: The Search For His Brother is a Danny Antonucci film created by Pikachufreak. It is a parody of Pooh's Most Grand Adventure: The Search For Christopher Robin and it features the cast from Ed, Edd N Eddy, Hoop-a-Joop and Life With Ally.

Plot of This Movie

  • The movie begins with Eddy and his brothers Ed and Double D one night. Ed and Double D tell Eddy that they cannot be having the good news, and they both leave with an advice: "You're the only person in the Cul-De-Sac the world has ever known". By morning, Eddy wakes up and finds a note. He takes it and meets up with Al Valentine and Jim Valentine. The two begin to sing Forever and Ever and as they finish, a very horrified Ally Williams races over. She tells Eddy and Al that her sister Anita is hanging from a branch and she cannot come down. Eddy jumps to save Anita and she is reunited with Ally. However, Ally discovers a note and the guys head for Mel Blake's house. She and Anna Blake are surprised that the note has been discovered and they reach Rolf's house. Upon discovering a map Rolf tells Eddy that both Jimmy and Jonny 2x4 are going to travel with him, Al, Ally and Mel. Jimmy and Jonny arrive and the guys go to their first destination: Thorn cave. However, Anita and Anna fear that the thorns might bleed their arms and they run away into the Butterfly meadows. Eddy and the gang discover butterflies, and both Ally and Mel sing Oh, Great Butterfly. After the song, the group discover a gorge and when they step closer, Al falls off. Kevin appears to save Al and both he and Sean Jones make rivalries with Eddy and Al. Clara Rogers appears and soon enters a rivalry with Ally as well, and Erica Roberts enters a rivalry with Mel too. Night falls and Eddy and the others are unable to find both Ed and Double D. They stay for the night and Eddy sadly sings Wherever You Are. Morning falls and as the group enter a log, it breaks and they fall down into the river. They make it to the Skull Cave. It is a scary place and the group split up. However, as Eddy is looking for Ed and Double D, Al and the others face dangerous obstacles, like Al scared by bats, Ally, Anita and Jonny falling down the hole, Mel and Anna falling off with Mel hitting the log, having her eyes pop out of the two holes, but no nose and mouth seen, and Jimmy slipping through rocks and giving a wild ride to Mel. When the others find each other, they discover that Eddy has disappeared and they hear a roaring noise. They run away screaming and Eddy is found stuck in a pit. When Ed and Double D arrive, they find their brother Eddy and together they both sing Working Together. After freeing Eddy, he is reunited with his brothers and together they make a welcome home party. Upon exiting Skull Cave, the gang reach home and Eddy tells Ed and Double D that he will be glad to help. The movie then finishes with all the characters singing It's Good To Be Home.


  • Eddy
  • Ed
  • Double D
  • Al Valentine
  • Jim Valentine
  • Ally Williams
  • Anita Williams
  • Mel Blake
  • Anna Blake
  • Rolf
  • Jimmy
  • Jonny 2x4
  • Kevin
  • Sean Jones
  • Clara Rogers
  • Erica Roberts


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