Eden Green member of the Rivers he was born in 1971 and died in 2007.


Eden was born in Portsmouth where he lived to he moved to his mother house in 1995 which was in Totnes from there he started to make a a name for himself when he started dealing. He had any people interested in getting his drugs from him. He also supported Portsmouth Football team and was in a football factory it was common even for him to fight with people from devon.


Primrose Windsor his niece was born who later on turned out to be the Fifth River and also one of his best mates.


He meet the Rivers from a mate of his called Keith Rainer who came up with the idea they might be able to do some work for him in dealing which was risky but they needed the money if they were to look after Becky Miles he had the likes of Maria Hart and also Keith Rainer working for him.


When Scott Curtis moved into Totnes he needed to earn some money so Zoe O'Chapel his sister could keep her flat. So once again Scott Curtis started dealing for him he then found that his niece Primrose Windsor was one of the people that the Rivers were working with. As time went on he started to deal in more heavy drugs and also brought down Steph Colledge with him who turn to a addict he got himself sorted out along with Steph Colledge near the end of his life he started to act funny he went missing and was found in the sea near Portsmouth dead in 2007.

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