You can edit the Westonka Wiki right now. You can even edit this page you are reading. What we may be looking for as a goal here, is information about our area. About making it a credible source. Wikipedia (that this wiki is similar to) has a policy called: Nuetral Point Of View. I think they picked right when they came up with that one. It helps them to have a wide audience, and many users. Remember that this is something called open source. Your edits are subject to change but that's what a Wiki is all about.

I am proposing that we categorize everything by city, and then add articles to them, for instance the Mound article could have links to its: Government, Businesses, Neighborhoods, and so on. What I propose is simply that, I am not in charge of this wiki. I have no special powers. Wikia, Inc., does have special powers and this wiki should follow their Terms of use if it is to be successful.

Do not be afraid to start new pages. You can do that from the main page. Just make sure to do as they say and add the category box. If you unsure of how to do this, favorite the page so you can find it again. I often have two browser windows open. One on the page I am using as an example, and one on the page I am working on. There is a learning curve for the software, but Wikia has done a good job with it, and don't be overly concerned about making software mistakes. With a Wiki, people just come along and clean things up.

Terms of use

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