• Edmond (from Rock A Doodle) as Cinderella
  • Fievel (from An American Tail) as Prince Charming
  • Spongebob and Patrck (from Spongebob Squarepants) as Jaq and Gus
  • Nickelodeon Characters as The Mice
  • Chief (from The Fox And The Hound) as Lucifer
  • Tod (from The Fox And The Hound) as Bruno
  • Gnorga (from A Troll In Central Park) as The Stepmother
  • Wart (from The Sword In The Stone) as Drizella
  • Pinocchio (from Pinocchio) as Anastasia
  • Papa Mouskewitz (from An American Tail) as The King
  • Princess Eilonwy (from The Black Cauldron) as The Grand Duke
  • Tigress (from Kung Fu Panda) as The Fairy Godmother
  • Frou-Frou (from The Aristocats) as Cinderella's Horse
  • Mr. Smee (from Peter Pan) as The Messanger
  • Samson (from Sleeping Beauty) as Gus's Horse Form
  • Prince Phillip (from Sleeping Beauty) as Cinderella's Horse's Human Form
  • Brer Rabbit (from Song Of The South) as Bruno's Human Form
  • Mr. Darling (from Peter Pan) as The Footman

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