Pabst cup


Great teams comes with great responsabilities, once said Ignace Forget, a legend, now retired, who played for the 'Foots and gave them a fantastic reputation. Dominating in the west was always high in the priorities for this team and their coaches, notably Buck Miller, who won, for his first time last year (season 14) a Pabst Cup to put on his resume.

The Bigfoots still have a strong army with their leader, Blair Huntington, and many good newcomers, who are making sure that the dynasty doesn't fade away

Edmonton Bigfoots Notable Players

Blair Huntington

Jarva Siltanen

Lou Johnson

Lenny Lahr

Trojan Webster

Edmonton Bigfoots Past Notable Players

Ignace Forget

Sebastian Poket

Zenon Nagyvorach now with Salt Lake City Salties

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