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Where Educators & Web 2.0 educate 21st Century Students

What is Educator 2.0 ?

Simply put, Educator 2.0 is the concept of merging and using Web 2.0 applications, widgets, websites, and/or even Mashups, to bring your lesson plans to students of the 21st Century.
Almost all Educators at one time or another have had the pleasure of creating lesson plans for their students with the express idea of making the content unique, motivational, built on prior experiences, and contain an entire list of items ranging from State or Power Standards, as well as speak to 21st Century skills at the bare minimum.
With all of the above it mind, this site's main thrust is to help Educators by providing resources, sample handouts, sample evaluation handouts (Checklist & Rubric resources), and sample Enrichment/Extension activities as well as sample Lesson Plan ideas with specific concepts targeted toward a difficulty level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) of what can be accomplished using Web 2.0.



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