Edward, Gordon and Henry, retitled Henry to the Rescue in American releases is the fourth episode of the first series of Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. It first aired in 1984 on the ITV Network in the UK and in 1989 on Shining Time Station in the second episode "Does it Bite?" in the US


Henry, still stuck in the tunnel, wishes that Sir Topham Hatt will forgive him and let him out. Gordon plans to whistle at him as he steams past with the express, but his saftey valve bursts and he stops in front of the tunnel where Henry is bricked up. They send for Edward who attempts to push the express, but doesn't succeed. So Sir Topham Hatt offers Henry to help pull the express. Henry and Edward set off leaving Gordon behind. During the journey, Sir Topham Hatt's hat blows off into a field where a goat eats it. At the station Sir Topham Hatt offers Henry a new coat of paint. Edward and Henry later help Gordon back to the yard the be repaired. Henry doesn't mind the rain now.



  • This episode is based on a story of the same name in the Railway Series book "The Three Railway Engines"