Edward & Sir Handel is a Potential Plotline episode.


Edward tells Zak and Jimmy a story about a ghost train who worked at the mountains. Zak and Jimmy start to think about Edward's story and are sent to work take some trucks to the mountains until they hear a ghostly whistle. They rush back to the Transfer Yards. The ghost that was chasing Zak and Jimmy is Thomas. Thomas, Edward and Sir Handel laugh while Zak and Jimmy are very silly and go in a beatiful shape of red.

Characters Featured

  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Sir Handel
  • Zak & Jimmy (new characters)
  • Mr. Percival
  • Narrow Gauge Trucks


  • First time Edward's large scale model iteracts with the Narrow Gauge engines.
  • First apperence of Zak and Jimmy and thier CGI faces.


  • When Sir Handel says "Great story, Edward. You told Zak and Jimmy a story about the ghost train", his eyebows are missing.
  • When Zak and Jimmy run away from the ghostly whistle, Zak is wearing John's surprised face.


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