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Edward Solves The Problem, Retitled Diesel's Fruitful Day In American Releases, Is A Season 14 Episode.


  • Director: Steve Asquith
  • Narrators: Michael Brandon (US TV Redub)

                     Michael Angelis (UK/US)

                     Joseph J. Terry (US)


  • Duck
  • Diesel
  • Edward
  • Oliver (Cameo)
  • Mavis (Cameo)
  • James (Cameo)
  • Thomas (Does Not Speak)
  • Percy (Does Not Speak)
  • Stanley (Does Not Speak)
  • Harold (Does Not Speak)
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Annie & Clarabell (Cameo)
  • Douglas (Deleted Scene Cameo)


Diesel Has The Often Dirtiest Work To Do. But When He Crashes Into The Friut Train Which Someone Is About To Pull, Edward Rescues Him.


  • Douglas Was To Appear In This Episode, But It Was Cut.
  • The Trucks Derail When Diesel Comes Out Of The Friut Train.


  • Narrator: It Was A Splendid Day On The Island Of Sodor. Harold The Helicopter Was Working Harder Than Ever Before. All The Engines Were Busy Too. Edward Was Talking To Duck.
  • Edward: I Was Very Kind.
  • Duck: I Like To Work Without Fuss.
  • Edward: I'm A Blue, Old & Wise Engine.
  • Duck: We Love To Work.
  • Edward: And We Are Both Hard-Workers.
  • Duck: We Are Both Really-Useful Engines.
  • Narrator: Later, Diesel Was Resting At The Quarry When The Fat Controller Came To See Him.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Diesel, You Have To Pull A Goods Train.
  • Narrator: Diesel Was Cross.
  • Diesel: A Goods Train?! What Nonsence?!
  • Narrator: Diesel Didn't Want To Pull The Goods Train. He Arrived At The Yards Where Thomas & Percy Were There. Then, He Saw Percy's Trucks.
  • Diesel: I'm Going To Pull Percy's Trucks.
  • Narrator: Diesel Buffered Up To Percy's Trucks & Pulled Them Out Of The Yards. Later, Edward & Duck Were Still Talking.
  • Duck: Diesel's A Devious Diesel Engine.
  • Edward: He Likes To Cause Trouble.
  • Duck: He Really Does.
  • Edward: He Is Very Troublesome & Bad.
  • Duck: He Sometimes Steals Trains From Steam Engines & Diesel Engines.
  • Narrator: Meanwhile, Diesel Was Still Pulling Percy's Trucks.
  • Diesel: Now, I Will Never Pull Goods Trains!!
  • Narrator: Soon They Saw The Sign. It Said: "All Trains Stop To Pin Down Brakes". But Diesel Didn't Slow Down His Brakes. Intstead, He Ran Fast The Sign, & Percy's Trucks Pushed Him Along The Line.
  • Trucks: ON, ON, ON!
  • Diesel: HELP, HELP!
  • Narrator: The Man On The Crossing Was Waving A Flag, Which Was Too Late For Diesel To Switch On The Runaway Siding. Later, Stanley Was About To Pull A Fruit Train, When Diesel Slided Into The Yard As He Tried To Grip The Rails.
  • (Crashing Sound Effect)
  • Narrator: Diesel Had Smashed Into The Fruit Train Which Stanley Was About To Pull. He Had Bursted Out Of It & Fruit Splattered On Him, But Not On Stanley.
  • Diesel: Oh God, It Hurts. Help, Help, Heeelp!
  • Narrator: 2 Breakdown Trains Were There, & They Cleared Up The Mess. Just Then, Diesel Heard A Whistle. It Was Edward & Duck. They Came To The Rescue.
  • Edward: Oh, Look Here, Duck. What Is That Fruity Train?
  • Duck: It's Diesel. Didn't You Know.
  • Edward: It's Diesel's Shape. But Diesel Was Just A Devious Diesel Engine, & He Says, He Doesn't Like Pulling Goods Trains.
  • Narrator: Diesel Pretended He Hadn't Heard. Edward & Duck Cleared Up The Unhurt Trucks & Helped Diesel To The Station. The Fat Controller Was There.
  • The Fat Controller: Well Done, Duck & Edward.
  • Narrator: He Turned To Diesel, Who Just Didn't Say Anything, & He Was Cross.
  • The Fat Controller: Diesel, You Are Supposed To Take A Goods Train Into The Station! But Now, You Had Destroyed The Fruit Train! As Punishment, I Will Keep You In The Shed For The Next Two Months!
  • Diesel: Two Months?! You Can't Be Serious!
  • The Fat Controller: Yes, I Am!

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