Edward The Great Transcript is Pikachufreak's idea.


  • Here's the full transcript to Edward The Great.


  • Thomas
  • Edward
  • Gordon
  • James
  • Percy
  • Spencer
  • Sir Topham Hatt
  • Henry (cameo)
  • Salty (cameo)


  • Michael Brandon: Edward has the same color as Thomas and the same size as James. He can pull coaches and push freight cars. And he often works as a back engine. But Edward is old, and not as strong as the other engines. So sometimes, Edward feels left out. The Duke and Duchess of Boxford came to visit their new summer house. They came on their own private engine called Spencer. Spencer is big and silver and very fast. When Spencer pulled into Knapford, his driver had exciting news for him.
  • Spencer's Driver: You have beaten Gordon's record!
  • Michael Brandon: He said.
  • Spencer: Of course.
  • Michael Brandon: Boasted Spencer.
  • Spencer: I'm faster and fun than all the engines on Sodor put together.
  • Michael Brandon: Sir Topham Hatt's engines were very cross.
  • Gordon: Spencer is just a big silver show off.
  • Michael Brandon: Sniffed Gordon. And everyone agreed. Sir Topham Hatt spoke to the engines.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Spencer will take the Duke and Duchess to their summerhouse. Another engine will take the furniture.
  • Michael Brandon: Sir Topham Hatt's engines saw the chance for a race.
  • Thomas, Percy, Gordon and James: Please, sir?
  • Michael Brandon: Said Thomas, Percy, Gordon and James all together.
  • Thomas, Percy, Gordon and James: May I go?
  • Sir Topham Hatt: You all have other work to do.
  • Michael Brandon: Boomed Sir Topham Hatt.
  • Sir Topham Hatt: Edward will take the furniture.
  • Michael Brandon: James and Gordon groaned.
  • Gordon: Fancy sending a back engine to do an express engines' job.
  • Michael Brandon: Sniffed Gordon.
  • James: He'll lose the race and let the whole railway down.
  • Michael Brandon: Said James. Thomas and Percy were cross. Edward was their friend.
  • Thomas: Spencer has a bigger boiler.
  • Michael Brandon: Said Thomas.
  • Thomas: But that just means more hot air.
  • Percy: And on the steam can be a pouty puffer any day.
  • Michael Brandon: Added Percy. Edward set off slow and steady.
  • Edward: Will do my best, will do my best.
  • Michael Brandon: He puffed. Spencer set off and quickly passed Edward.
  • Spencer: I won already!
  • Michael Brandon: He boasted. With a whoosh, he was gone. Edward came to the bottom of a steep hill. The freight was heavy and he felt very tired. He huffed and he puffed and was soon at the top. He can see Spencer in the distance and chased him at once. Edward race down the hill. Spencer stopped at Wellsworth Station. The Duke and Duchess wanted to buy some tea and cakes from the refreshment lady. Edward teetered interview.
  • Spencer: Hurry, old boy!
  • Michael Brandon: Passed Spencer.
  • Spencer: Have you finishing too far behind me?
  • Michael Brandon: Edward wished he could have rest too. But the stationmaster and the porters had heard about the race.
  • Men: Hooray for Edward!
  • Michael Brandon: They cheered. Edward picked up steam and proudly puffed pass Spencer. But then, the Duke and Duchess finished their tea. And Spencer was off in a flash. He roared passed Edward.
  • Spencer: Fastest and best, fastest and best!
  • Michael Brandon: He boasted. Edward was nearly out of puff. The furniture felt heavier than ever. Up ahead, Spencer had to stop. The Duke wanted to take some photographs of the countryside. The Duke set up his camera. Spencer closed his eyes.
  • Spencer: Nothing to worry about it.
  • Michael Brandon: He said lazily. Gordon was returning to Brendam Docks. He passed Spencer a knew Edward must be losing the race.
  • Gordon: Edward is a waste of steam.
  • Michael Brandon: He sniffed. But when Gordon passed Edward and saw how hard he was trying, he felt bad about what he had said.
  • Gordon: Well done, Edward!
  • Michael Brandon: He called.
  • Gordon: You are credit to the railway!
  • Michael Brandon: Edward was so happy his boiler tingled. He found puffing never knew he had. The Duke and Duchess had finished taking photographs and were back on board.
  • Spencer's Driver: Time to go!
  • Michael Brandon: Said Spencer's driver and rang the bell. But nothing happened. Spencer was dreaming of victory. He didn't hear the bell. And he didn't hear Edward passed him. Spencer's driver rang the bell again. When Spencer finally opened his eyes, he could see Edward heading towards the summerhouse.
  • Edward: Nearly there, nearly there.
  • Michael Brandon: He gasped. Spencer took off as fast as he could. But as he reached the siding, his driver ordered him to slow down.
  • Spencer's Driver: These were old tracks and you are a heavy engine!
  • Michael Brandon: He said.
  • Spencer's Driver: You must go slowly!
  • Michael Brandon: Spencer had no choice he had to slow down. And he trundled slowly down the siding. With every click and every clack, he knew he had lost the race. Edward puffed towards the summerhouse.
  • Edward: I've won!
  • Michael Brandon: He gasped.
  • Edward: I did it!
  • Michael Brandon: Edward felt like a really useful engine.
  • Edward: Hooray! I won!
  • Michael Brandon: He cheered loudly. Edward felt like a pride of the Sodor railway, and he was right.

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