Freeze - Just like Torch, this spell is good for putting out torches, campfires, fire places, or for freezing enemies and opponents. Ice effects are temporary but damaging enough to slow movement and make it harder to dodge other attacks, such as those from an acompanying swordsman or dragoon.

Frost Arrow - Stronger than freeze, Frost Arrow will cause ice to instantly cover whatever it hits, even if it's a tree or a patch of grass. Some small villages employ mages familiar with this spell to defend them against anyone who might be thinking of burning their village down (or trying to film a movie)

Blizzard - The strongest of the Ice spells, it creates a localized storm of ice and snow which covers opponents and enemies (or your house and yard) with a thick layer of ice and snow, freezing your opponents and leaving a coat of snow on the ground and other surrounding objects. This is a popular spell for mages who live in areas close to the Holy Tree which are too warm to get snow in the Holiday season.

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