Shock - Like sticking your finger in an electric light socket, Shock delivers a painfull dose of electricity to whomever it's cast on. It leaves hair temporarilly singed and frizzy, and scorch marks on the skin and clothes. Smoke can also usually be seen issuing from the victims body afterwards, with occational spastic twiching. Many is the novice mage who've tried this spell only to make the wrong guesture and accidentally cast it on themselves instead of the target.

Bolt - Stronger than shock, Bolt causes a single bolt of lightning to come down from the sky and strike the intended target. It's effects are much the same as shock, only much more powerfull and with a much larger and longer lasting amount of pain involved. Occationally a mage will use this spell to 'flash fry' food for quick consumption.

Thunder Storm - As the name states, this spell creates a localized thunderstorm with multiple bolts of lightening repeatedly striking all enemies within the spells radius. It can be quite comical to watch enemies 'dancing' around in an attempt to avoid the lightning. This is the most powerfull and also the most damaging of the Lightning spells.

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