Fling Stones - This simple spell causes gravel and other small stones to fly like projectiles from the ground towards the opponents of the caster. The stones are incapable of doing any lasting damage, but they do sting badly and can leave the body covered in tiny bruises. While this spell creates a cloud of little stone projectiles, those wishing just to hurl a single stone are better off using the Movement spell.

Terra Geiser - A stronger spell wich causes rocks and dirt to explode up from the ground in 10x10 ft radius, sending anyone or anything standing in that area flying into the air with it. Like Tornado, after this happens the spell dissipates and the rocks and whatever or whoever else was thrown into the air all comes back down painfully and abruptly. Because of this this spell is just as dangerous as Tornado and perhaps more so as there's the chance of a boulder or other large rock falling on the victims head.

Terra Quake - The Strongest of the Terra spells, Terra Quake is just what it sounds like. It causes a massive quake which shakes the earth in a 10x10 ft radius, causing opponents to fall and sending rocks and other debris flying at them as it's displaced in the chaos of the sudden mini-quake. The spell has a longer durration than the other two, making it so that if the caster wishes they can easilly get a head start on escaping while their enemies are preoccupied.

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