Drizzle - A simple spell that imitates some of the natural magic of Undines, it causes a light rain to fall around a specified area. It's also beneficial to farmers and gardeners who use it to water their crops and other plants.

Flash Flood - A more combat oriented spell, Flash Flood causes a swift and sudden stream of water to come seemingly from nowhere and knocks opponents and enemies off their feet, buffeting them with harsh water rapids before continuing on it's way. In domestic situations, this spell is good for filling pools and ponds or for washing roads and patios as the caster can control where the water goes.

Tsunami - The Strongest Water spell isn't used to harm opponents so much as it is to simply get rid of them. The spell works in a similar way to flash flood only on a much larger scale. The water forms a massively powerfull wave which picks opponents up off their feet and carries them away with it until the water eventually peters out sometimes miles away from the site of the battle.

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