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Eilir is a combinations DAZ|Stript and Java App that generates RSLShader Daz Presets.

Eilir is a welsh name meaning butterfly. Creator QuillOfVulcan says, "I picked the name because it meant butterfly, and I figured butterflies have cool color schemes, kinda like cool materials."

Set up is simple: Download the file, unzip it. Place the contents of the Studio folder (content and Eilir folders) into your Studio folder.

Then go into the installed Eilir folder and launch the "Eilir.jar". This will also launch studio. With both of these open, insert an object in the scene, select it, and select the materials on it you want to edit. Then return to Eilir and start putting nodes together. If the surface you are working on already has an Eilir generated preset on it, go into the tools panel and select the get material function. It will replace the current node setup with the one to make the preset.

Alternatively, instead of launching the jar, you can:

Open a scene in DAZ. Select an object and a material on the object you want to edit and then launch the "Launch Eilir" Script (found in Scripts\Eilir\ of the content folder).

Image 1 894495

note: the material(s) selected will be replaced so if it has settings you wish to keep save it before open Eilir.

windows only:

This will launch a Java app (you need Java 1.5 or higher to run this) that operates very similar to the Poser Material room. Open a couple examples to see how nodes are put together (they are under the examples folder of [DAZ Studio folder]\Eilir\). I have not tested light shaders yet, but surfaces and displacement shaders work. Other kinds of shaders (volume,imager) exist but do not work yet in DAZ|Studio (cross fingers maybe daz will add support of these in 2.0).

Note: the first time Eilir is launched on a given day it may take a few minutes to actually appear. If after a few minutes Eilir still does not appear,then for some reason the JVM on your computer does not like being launched from within DAZ|Studio. You'll need to run Eilir independantly. This is done by launching the Eilir.jar found in under your DAZ|Studio folder/Eilir/.

Pressing the large preview button on the left applies the created material and generate a preset for it under the directory listed in the box below this button.

General notes: -when developing material use simple objects and light set ups, they render previews quicker.

-if you want to make your own node open up the Node editor under tools. You may be able to figure this out just by opening ones already created.

When anything is being done in studio where studio is "unavailable" (loading things, rendering, that sort of thing), Eilir is also unavailable.

Support for Eilir is available in the Daz Studio Freepository forum at (Requires login.) Most initial content for this wiki was drawn from posts by the creator and other forum participants in that forum thread.

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