If you want to use noise the best thing is to plug in the one of the vars into it, for instance 3d noise plug in "P" or even "N", 2d use "s" and "t",ect.. Then plug the output of the noise into a surface node to see the result.

Specular usually takes the var "N" normalized and faceforward, V which is the negative normalize of "I" and then a roughness value usually less than one.

For general information: Eilir remembers what the material setup when the preset was created, but does not load changes in values you may have made within DAZ itself. This is saved with the object, and so unless you delete node in Eilir, you can save and open a saved daz scene and it should remember the Eilir node set up.

Anyone really interested in using the shaderops nodes ( all the ones under shaderops in the pull down) take a look at: 3delight shaderops. [1] The nodes are just thin wrappers for these. But they are really only meant for advanced use.

You have to have the DAZ Studio Scripting SDK installed for the Eilir scripts to run. Eilir requires the SDK to be able to compile the shaders it produces as the shader compiler is not part of the base Studio package. The good news though is the scripting SDK is free. Its located on this page DAZ Scripting [2].

Shaders for the Mac can be compiled by opening DAZ|Studio, pressing the arrow on the surface tab and select the compile shaders option. The shaders for the preset you just made are found under your DAZ|Studio instalation/shaders/Eilir/"preset name" where the preset name is the one set when you pressed the preview or apply button. Add all the .sl files, and the shaders folder as a whole. It should compile.

When Eilir generates the material for its main previews, it generates a full, usable material preset that can be applied independently of eilir. It will be called by the "material name".ds where the "material name" is the same that is set in the Material name box on the left panel, by default will be made in the EilirShaders folder of your content menu. Just apply it like any other material preset.

You may also find it helpful to check these references on Poser node-based shaders:

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